Technique - Technique


A small depth-of-field can separate a subject quite easily from the surrounding but sometimes this is no option because we either operate at very long focus distances or we simply want to include a sharp focused environment in the scene. Nonetheless we often still have the option to stress the importance of a certain object.

In the first picture we wouldn't gain anything by choosing a large aperture because the fore- and background doesn't contain any disturbing objects. The bath-tubs are the naturally isolated by the difference in brightness and the interruption of the uniform environment. A similar scene is e.g. a boat on the wide open sea.

by Horst Schneider

The scene itself may be quite dramatic and in the first moments your attention may be drawn to the impressive mountains in the background. However sooner or later your view will get focused on the fisherman in the middle of the river because the contrast difference between him and his surrounding is the highest in the otherwise low contrast environment.

by Horst Schneider