Technique - Technique


The first picture is pretty straight just as you would expect it in a sports magazine or so. It shows sharp picture of a sports car shot at a high shutter speed around 1/500 sec. Nice but it doesn't show anything arty except the capability of the camera's predictive AF.

The next picture is somewhat more interesting - just the main object is sharp but everything else including the same focus plane is totally blurred. How's that ? It's not all that difficult but it costs lots of film. Just choose a very slow shutter speed. The picture below was taken with 1/60 secs at 300mm! Additionally you follow the subject trying to keep it in the center of the viewfinder. In maybe two out of 10 pictures the main object is indeed quite sharp and the background is fuzzy due to motion blur. Compared to the first picture the motion itself is much more obvious.

The following picture is even more extreme - you can see only a very small & sharp portion (the "8") - the rest is blurry. This extreme effect was shot with 1/30s at 300mm. The angular movement was very extensive so every detail around the sharp center is lost in motion. Such pictures don't reflect reality but show a very dynamic mood.