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Very often you've a major landscape feature like a spectacular mountain which will degenerate to just another rock on a picture. After the first look the viewer has already sucked it all information of the scene so there's not much left than the raving comments of the photographer.

Have a look at 1st picture below. The volcano in the background is still the dominating feature of the landscape but there's more. We've two additional layers - the foreground and the center - both not too impressive but it adds a certain kick to the scene. It is the quite the same with 2nd picture to the right. None of the objects is very special and probably not worth a picture. However, the layered scene as a whole is quite beautiful with the fuzzy mountains at the horizon, the rocks in the blue sea and the foreground with its fine structures.

by Horst Schneider

The two pictures below show the effect of a single additional layer. The left picture may show an impressive mountain but nonetheless it looks a bit empty - the right picture looks more interesting.