Dramatic Perspectives
Technique - Technique


A picture is exciting because it shows something extraordinary. This can be achieved by an exciting subject or a more or less sophisticated photographic technique. However, it is also possible just to exploit the special physical characteristics of a lens. Especially ultra-wide lenses offer some interesting possibilities. Such effects like the ones shown below are too extreme for regular usage so handle them with care.

The easiest way to push the perspective to the extremes is to use a fish-eye. It is really nothing more than a special purpose lens which cannot be used for much more than effect photography. A fish-eye is basically an ultra wide lens which does not correct any of the natural distortions. The picture below shows a typical result. The effect is emphasized if you point the lens either up or down.

The following pictures show quite extreme perspectives with a normal ultra-wide lens. The picture to the left demonstrates how to decrease the size of a huge object (here Ayer's Rock/Uluru) just by emphasizing the even bigger sky. Have a look at the interesting effect on the clouds here- the sky seems to get bended! With ultra wide lenses closer objects seem to grow while objects in the distance seem to shrink. That also happened to poor Martin in the picture to the right. The legs and feet are very small compared to the face and the breast. Maybe you shouldn't use this kind of composition for your new girl friend. :-)