Technique - Technique


Crossing Lines/diagonals are actually again another simplification of the Golden Mean. The basic idea is to provide a sort of "guideline" for the eyes to follow. It is a good idea to place the start or end of such a line to one of the extreme edges. The classical approach states that the upper left edge is the best starting point because most humans start to traverse a picture from here on. However, it cannot hurt to break this rule (see 2nd picture). Just a straight line would be pretty boring though so there should be some sort of disturbance in the picture.

The following picture shows a focus point where many lines find together so there are enough of directions for the eyes to follow making the picture interesting.

by Horst Scheider

The next picture has two anchors - the boat and the sun shade. These provide just the right amount of disturbance for this otherwise very symmetrical composition.

by Horst Schneider